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Who ARE these guys — who’s actually playing in your favorite bands

Published Tuesday March 14

Best reason to attend: It’s a great bill, also featuring Garbage and punk legends Exene…

Such is reality for modern-day fans of such decades-old acts as Chicago, the Doobie Brothers and REO Speedwagon. Several of these former chart-toppers have lost and gained significant members over the years and yet are still drawing steady concert crowds.

And this certainly doesn’t just apply to the classic rock realm. You also see it happening in old-school punk, Whole new Wave, R&B and alt-rock. All of these acts, and and in the same boat, are performing in the Bay Area in the months to come.

Claim to fame: The British Whole new Wave act’s dreamy 1982 single, “I Melt With You,” is one of the best prom anthems of all time.

Local show: Bone Bash

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